Monday, October 22, 2012

E-government services gaining momentum as more civil servants receive ICT training

Many public servants working within and around Nguruman have been visiting Nguruman Maarifa centre frequently either to update their GHRIS profile or have their payslip printed for them among other on-line services. The Kenyan Government some times back decided to embrace technology and allow its workers to access some services on-line to ease congestion within their office premises. This trend has forced government workers to either seek for help to access the services or get trained on the skills and access them without much help.

Nguruman Maarifa centre has been conducting systematic computer training since January and has seen a number of civil servants receive their training. "More than 30 civil servants including Teachers, chiefs and Nurses among others have been trained on computer usage skills and can access these services on their own..." said Kelvin Koinet, computer trainer.

Entasopia Primary School Teachers during ICT training lessons. 
Maureen Omondi, a teacher at Entasopia primary school reported improvement in teachers interest for ICT's since they completed   their training on May, 2012. "I have seen teachers interest in use of computers since they got the skills... Personally, I can confidently access any on-line service and also make use of other on-line information resources. The training was of great benefit to us...". she said.

Mrs Ann Sandera also said that, the school has received some laptops from well wishers though they lack power to run the machines... "We received laptops from friends of our school... though have the skills, we are unable to use the machines since we don't have power to run them..." she lamented.

She welcomed well wishers who wish  to support them with power solar to come forth so the machines can be of benefit to them. "Since we have the skills, we don't need to pay for typing services... we can do it ourselves...the challenge we face is power for our machines..." she added

Chief Sereu, also a ICT training beneficiary said that, he was able to use many features on his laptop which he wasn't able to use before the training... "I have learned many things during the training which I underutilized while using my laptop..." he said. He has been on the lead to sensitize his community members on the importance of having computer skills and why they need to take opportunity and utilize the free computer training. "You will never find free training anywhere in this world... make use of the opportunity you have now..." said on his speech during launching of the Maarifa centre.

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