Monday, January 28, 2013

Deaf and Dumb... but ICT compliant

Disability is not inability for a boy who is 'dumb and deaf' and who has passion for ICT. 'Zakayo' as they call him is a young boy aged around 10 years and who has unique talents for he quickly learns from  little sign language that Nguruman community members try when they want to communicate with him.

Zakayo has been a regular visitor at the Maarifa centre and all he had to do is to give a broad smile as he reads through books or looks at users working with the computers, either browsing or typing their documents. His passion for ICT called for an action by the Maarifa centre team  who helped him learn how to use computers.

Zakayo typing a document at the Maarifa centre
"It took some time to learn how to communicate with him but eventually we managed to train him...." said Kelvin Koinet, computer trainer. .... "Zakayo can play computer games, type documents and also view video clips without help..." he added. His unique talents surprises every one and his skills even motivates other community members to register for ICT classes offered for free at the Maarifa centre.

Zakayo training his friend how use a computer..
 He also likes to share his new skills with his play and school mates. He is also a student at Entasopia primary school (Special needs section) and his teachers praise him for being an obedient student. The boy depends on well wishers for his daily upkeep including the basic needs.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Practical answers, a solution to Technical Enquiries

Practical Answers is an online technical information service that provides resourceful information on appropriate small-scale technologies that are easy to replicate and can be used to improve the lives of people living in poverty. The service was initiated by Practical Action an NGO that works in over 40 developing countries and uses appropriate technology to challenge poverty. 

The resources range from energy, food and Agriculture,water and sanitation,disaster reduction, Climate Change, Markets, transport, new technologies, waste management, infrastructure, reconstruction and urban poverty. These technologies can be easily replicated. 

A technical enquiry platform has also been developed to cater for extra information that one may need regarding the technologies or any other field. An online enquiry form is available on practical answers website where users fill in  a form with the contact details and the technical enquiry. The requested practical information is therefore send to the enquirer via email, SMS or call back. 

These forms are also available at the Maarifa Centres and one can get one-on-one response to technical enquiries. 

For more information, visit  Practical Answers website or their Knowledge-base.