Saturday, March 17, 2012

Agri-sivilculture in Nguruman

Agri-sivilculture is a system of farming whereby one cultivates fruits trees and integrates with crops. This is usually a better way of maintaining and increasing soil fertility especially in these Arid and semi-arid lands(ASALs'). Mr. Lodaro a farmer in Nguruman said he has to put up nurseries under a tree that provides shade seedlings from withering.

Mr. Lodaro emphasized that he has to plant other trees although he has mango, lemon and orange trees and bananas; he has planted Gravellier Robusta for his own use since he needs trees for timber and other purposes in his day to day life.
Mr. Lodaro said that the information he gets from Maarifa Centre; from the internet and other publication e.g. Joto Africa, has enabled him to understand that different species of trees enhances soil fertility. Explaining, he said that the foliage residues from trees form a basement on topsoil making it retain moisture and adds nutrients to soil; this enables him not to use fertilizers when farming.

Mr. Lodaro said that this diversification has reduced resource costs and labor which has made him maximize his farm profits and create time for other activities.
‘Although I had opted on this as a form of farming for commercial purposes, I later learned of its environmental benefits and I had to increase my acreage.’ Said Mr. Lodaro who has increased his acreage from one acre to three acres.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Enhancing computer literacy in Nguruman

Thanks to the free training at Nguruman Maarifa Center, residents are now able to operate computers with very little or no help at all.
Their sheer determination and iron will to overcome Computer illiteracy drives them on. The old generation are very determined not to be left behind by the young generation. Always keeping time, always willing to learn and ready to apply whatever they have learnt.
Asked what they will like to achieve after the training(where they think the training will come in handy in their lives, this is what they had to say:

"I would like to use the internet to access information, gain more knowledge and learn how to improve my farming livelihood. Am really grateful for the training", says Joseph Mwangi.(photo above)
"There were a lot of things i saw on my laptop that I did not understand, but now am able to understand my laptop fully," Chief Sereu
"After the training i will be using ms excel to keep track of my products financially and record wise. I will be using the internet to advertise my farm products", Francis Mburu (Farmer)

Turnout is positive with more enrolling for training. follow the below link for training pictorial.