Friday, November 27, 2009

Nguruman Commmunity Knowledge Center

We are pleased to announce to our members that we are now offering all our services free of charge. Come and receive knowledge at our center. We are offering

-Computer Training
-Online market Information
-E-Gorvernment Services
-Internet and E-Mail services
-Library Services
-Typing Services
-Sale of Air-Time
-Phone,Torch and Radio repairs
-Barber Shop

Come and be part of us as we change lives of the communities....

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Book Aid International a Donor that has been supplying the Center with resourceful books paid a courtesy visit to the center with the aim of making a film that will show case the use of the library and the impact it has on the community.

The day was very interesting especially the interviews, the users got a chance to talk on camera. The day could not end without having a maasai traditional song. Thanks to Osigili traditional dancers who made sure the day was interesting as they sung maasai songs and everybody joined in. We appreciated the company of the book aid team who promised to give us more books that touch on issues affecting us.

We look forward to seeing you again and may you spread our messages and what we are doing wherever you will tour. May God bless you. Thanks a lot to Lesley Punder, Preti Taweja, Ben Crowe, Noah Lusaka and Peter.


Julius Kasifu, a local farmer could not hide his joy and appreciation after the introduction of internet in Entasopia Village in Magadi Division a place where no one would think of having internet, located approximately 150 km west of Nairobi and linked with a dusty, rocky road Google put up internet to help the community get enlightened.

Since the inception of internet at the village, many people have benefited out of it. Julius Kasifu who despite of his disability has been a frequent user of the internet at the Community Information Center. He runs a blog that highlights issues of disabled people within Magadi division.

Kasifu runs a project called Tuko Disabled Group that highlights the issues affecting the disabled people in Magadi Division and he has formed a blog that talks on the issues of disability. He uses the blog to campaign on issues affecting the disabled by echoing out their hidden voices and showing the real issues affecting the disabled people.

With the use of internet, he has uploaded a short video showing the plight of the disabled people. Kasifu is now a happy villager because he can reach out the larger community and share more on the plight of the disabled people living in Magadi division thanks Arid Lands Information Network who put up the information center.