Saturday, November 3, 2012

Reaching out to Nguruman community

Nguruman Maarifa centre has been on the fore front to ensure that Nguruman community members have hands on with modern technologies and information as other people within the urban setting. Despite the challenges the community members are facing, majority are determined and willing embrace new technologies and information disseminated.

With the majority of people living within Maarifa centre vicinity being reached, Nguruman Maarifa centre embarked on an outreach programme in order to reach out to people within other locations. Olkiramatian market day marks the day when traders, buyers and all other members from other location within and beyond Magadi division meet to trade or even have a drink as they chat in  groups. 

Traders watching a video during one of the past visits
The market day held on Wednesday every week is the main meeting point for traders and customers around the location and beyond. We have have seen people from within and far enrol for ICT training being offered at the Maarifa centre and others coming for general enquiries as a result of the visits. Community members who have received on-site services like Internet access welcomed the initiative citing that It will go far to address community information needs. Animal production video shows got the most interest since majority of the community members are pastoralists

The video below was produced during one of the visits.

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