Saturday, June 15, 2013

Local administration relocation set to boost Maarifa centre services

Construction is almost complete for local administration offices, Olkiramatian west location just besides Nguruman Maarifa centre. The building is its finishing stages and will house the area chief and his security team. This is set to boost services offered at the Maarifa centre since majority of community members will be visiting  seeking administrative services as opposed to when the offices were in Olkiramatian market, about 15 kilometres away.

Local Administration block under construction 
Speaking to the Maarifa centre staff during a follow up visit to access the construction progress and damage caused by flash floods, the area Member of County Assembly Magadi ward Hon. Peter Pariken expressed his appreciation for the services offered to members of his community and showed concern to work with the Maarifa centre to market his area and ensure more programmes are included to cater for different community needs.

Some of the local administration officers are ICT training graduands at the Maarifa centre and also regular users of other Maarifa centre services. Notably, Chief Elijah Sereu has been lately utilizing the Maarifa centre to do his on-line studies and submitting his assignments for a administration  studies degree he is doing at Kenyatta University.

The building as seen from the Maarifa centre
He says that the Maarifa centre has been instrumental in his life since he learned his computer usage skills here which inspired him to buy his own laptop computer and now he is using the same facility to do his on-line studies. He urges the young people to take up the task  and utilize the facility to shape up their future.

"I have been one of the beneficiaries of Nguruman Maarifa centre and it has shaped my passion for ICT. I am now a university student and taking my studies from the Maarifa centre Library which is WIFI enabled..." said Mr. Sereu


  1. Kudos ALIN and Nguruman Community for this far you have reached am proud of you!

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