Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A farmer ignores disability and strives to earn a livelihood

People with disability are at times presumed to be a liability in the society and this stigma makes majority of them to sit back and depend on their kins for their livelihoods. This is not the case to Mr Kasifu who is among many people living with disability and has been lobbying and advocating for the rights of the disabled within Magadi division of kajiado county.

A farther of four and a coordinator of Tuko Disabled group has been striving to make ends meet with the little resources available to him on his 2.5 acre farm where he practices mixed farming with 1 acre having bananas and sugarcane as cash crops and 1 acre when he plants his food crops.

Mr kasifu attending to his beans block.
 photo by Tony kimathi.
 Mr kasifu has been the chairman of the Nguruman Maarifa centre advisory committee, a position he holds with enthusiasm and at times spends most of his time at the Maarifa centre responding to mails and tying his personal documents, a skill he learned at the Maarifa.

Mr kasifu was not reluctant to praise the services he has been receiving at  the Maarifa centre at no cost and emphasized that, the skills he learned during ICT training has taken him far and opened a lot of avenues in his life.

 "The Maarifa centre has been very instrumental in my life and my life changed completely when I started utilizing the facility... I have been able to receive small grants from proposals which I  typed and send through the center. Thanks to ALIN for the free ICT training"

Mr kasifu has been able to provide for his family and is glad that, he has linked his group members with National fund For the disabled of Kenya (NFDK) where the body donated some items which they will use to improve their livelihoods.

"I have been able to lobby for Tuko disabled group where through NFDK, some members benefited with Farm kits, Salon kits, sewing Machines and livestock to boost their incomes..." "...I appeal to ass disabled to raise up and fight for their rights and not just sit back and depend on others" he added.

Mr Kasifu responding to enquiries during a Maarifa centre outreach activity.
Photo by Samuel Nzioka
He also highlighted that, 1/2 acre of his farm was swept away by the ranging floods which left many residents puzzled as river Oloibortoto burst its barks and changed its course sweeping away farming land. He appeals to the relevant authority to take action and contain the situation.

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