Friday, June 27, 2014

The New Face of a Kiosk, Solar Kiosk

By Maison Nteetu

The world’s first Solar Kiosk was officially opened in Ethiopia on July 2012. It is a portable solar shop designed in Germany by Graft architects. A Solar Kiosk is a highly optimized kiosk with solar panels on top.

In August 2013 on 22th, a Solar Kiosk was installed in Nguruman and officially opened on 26th. This was just after installation of another one in Olkiramatian shopping centre. The Olkiramatian Solar Kiosk has really helped the Olkiramatian residents since there were no stable shops in the area and phone charging was also mayhem for the residents. The residents are now enjoying the Graft’s invention under Mr. Seuri.

Nguruman Solar Kiosk is amazingly providing services that one can ever hope for to the residents. Under Mr. Joel Kanunga, the Kiosk is providing a safe and affordable solution for the unstable sources of light. Residents can purchase solar lanterns at an affordable price.

The Kiosk also offers phone charging, cards and refreshments. It has a refrigerator and therefore you can enjoy cool drinks, a unique service in the area. Like other shops, it provides quick bought commodities such as sugar, packed tea; cooking fat among others. The Solar Kiosk also has a digital TV screen providing entertainment services to residents.
Side view of Nguruman solar Kiosk
With the first functional Solar Kiosk operating in Ethiopia, the creators are looking for business partners and NGO’s who can help bring the kiosks to parts of the world where they are most needed.

In Nguruman, the Solar Kiosk have partnered with Indigo. Indigo provides internet services while the Solar Kiosk provides power and sells Indigo’s vouchers. Indigo has installed boosters near the Kiosk to increase the strength and distance the signal should reach. The organization has also provided 2 tablets and 2 smart phones where one can use to access net but at a cost. 

An Indigo internet services providers' booster
The Kiosk is know under expansion. Another room which will act as a saloon and a kinyozi is under construction.

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