Tuesday, May 20, 2014


By Maison Nteetu

Many young children would like to join schools be it primary or secondary schools to ensure they cope with the current generation. However, it is not their faults or even their parents’ if they fail to do so. They sometimes lack finances to carter their school fees and other needs. Education is becoming expensive though it has also become a basic need.

Olorika Foundation came out as the source of hope for the needy society in the year 2005. It extended from Nguruman to many places including Shompole, Oloika, Olkiramatian and Oloserian. Mr. Bonde came up with the foundation after realizing the suffering and how needy the society is.
The foundation has sponsored the following in its mission of helping the needy. 

  •  Students’ school fees payment      
  •  Provision of teachers’ salary.    
  •    Provision of water drams and 
  •    Provision of library books for some schools.

Students’ school fees payment
The foundation sponsors a hundred and fifty secondary and primary students. Seventy two students are from Olkiramatian primary school while sixty five students are in Patterson Memorial Secondary school. The other thirteen are in different secondary schools.

Some of the students are partially sponsored while others are fully sponsored. This was arrived at after realizing that other students are from extreme poverty affected families while others are from poor but not extreme poor families.45 students in primary school are partially sponsored in primary schools while 27 are fully sponsored. In secondary school, 20 students are fully sponsored while 45 are partially sponsored.

Teachers’ Salaries
 Olorika foundation pays salaries for some primary school teachers. It pays 2 Olkiramatian primary school teachers, 3 from Entasopia and one from Pakaase primary school.

The foundation donated 100 library books to Patterson Secondary school. The foundation supplied 20 tanks to the community members. These helped in the environmental conservation.
Olorika foundation beneficiaries in a meeting.
From 2012 however, there was a delay in payment of school fees. Mr. Bonde explained the situation and promised he should have not let them suffer if he was capable of controlling what he is undergoing.
Mr. Bonde is undergoing financial difficulties as his source of finances is affected by frequent attacks. He called the whole community to join him in prayers to help him out of the difficulties.

Mr. Bonde addressing the meeting.
“I can’t promise for any help now as I am struggling to recover from losses caused by my assailants. I will be back to help you if God help me through.” Said Mr. Bonde. 

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