Friday, February 1, 2013

Youths and ICT trainees secure Jobs

To many youths around Nguruman and its' environ, the Maarifa centre has been the backbone of their successive job applications since majority of them are either ICT training graduands, or have been sharpening their skills learned elsewhere at the Maarifa centre.

 During the recent IEBC bio-metric voter registration, Eight out of the twelve clerks who were manning the BVR kits in Shompole and Olkiramatian knew about the jobs advert and applied for them at the Maarifa centre while the remaining four did in Nairobi.

The young clerks in the remote Nguruman area expressed their joy and appreciation to ALIN to have facilitated access to information which enabled them apply for the posts on-line without having to travel to Nairobi about 45 km through the rocky road to Magadi and 86 km potholes road to Kiserian. 

Elizabeth Mintoi, a second year Business Information Technology (BIT) student at Mount Kenya university (MKU) said  that, the centre was an eye opener and motivated her to choose her career.

"I got interested in IT when I regularly begun using the centre where I learned that it's something every body can do... I therefore decided to go and pursue my career..." said Elizabeth. "... I have also successfully applied for IEBC jobs at the centre where I used some of the money to pay for my school fees" she added.

BVR clerks at Olkiramatian registering voters during a community event. Photo by Koinet
John chaure, a youth and a IT student said that he has successfully applied for jobs and does his practice at  the centre.

"I have been able to apply for jobs through the Maarifa centre, latest being the IEBC Biometric voter registration where I worked as a registration clerk. I have also been doing practice  for my college courses at the Maarifa centre..." said Jonh.

Joshua Kisemei, a journalism student at Maseno University and a volunteer at the centre says that he feels motivated when he sees any body from his community yearning for the skills since its the direction the world is moving. 

He has been working as a field assistant for TYPSA, a European engineering consulting company  contracted  by the Kenyan government to do feasibility study on detailed design of water resources related project along Ewaso ngiro south river basin, a job he secured through the maarifa centre.

"I feel motivated to fight for the rights of my community members... if every community member can understand social media platforms including blogs,  then discussing matters affecting them can be easy.. this can be achieved if everyone is ICT compliant... I encourage every one around Nguruman to tap the resources we have... thanks to ALIN for free training and access to information ." said Joshua.

Naomy Tonkey, a volunteer and a ICT graduand at the centre was not hesitant to testify how the centre has been an eye opener and how she has been able to secure different jobs with different institutions within Nguruman due to her competence in computers and other virtues, skills she learned at the Maarifa centre. 

"I have been a volunteer for more than five years and I have learned a lot of virtues and skills which have enabled me to secure different job positions.... I have worked with Patterson memorial secondary school as a secretary, with IEBC as a clerk and a presiding officer and currently with Yellow house construction company as a secretary.. Thanks to ALIN for the facility and ICT training..." Said Naomy.

James Mangoya, a student at Masai technical has also successfully applied for jobs through the Maarifa centre. He has been doing further studies at the centre as well.

"I have worked with IEBC several times, a job I applied through the Maarifa centre. I have also been trained on Excel and power point, areas I needed support and this has improved my computer skills. As a result, I have been able to do and send my assignments with ease..." said James.

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