Saturday, August 11, 2012

Nguruman Maarifa centre re-launched in style

Information communication technology has taken over all aspects of life and has proved to be a powerful tool for economic and social development. It has also bridged digital divide by fostering equitable access to modern communication technologies. Nguruman area was once ear marked among the 10 most remote tech locations in the world. ( Nguruman Maarifa centre has been instrumental in bridging the gap and now the residents has something to smile about at last.
Nguruman Maarifa centre on 10th August, 2012 had the first formal ICT training graduation held in style where more than ten stakeholders participated in an open day and more than 200 community members attended the pass out which was graced by District Agricultural Officer (DAO)Mr. Henry Siro assisted by Area DO.Mr. Japeth Bikhanga. The activity which had its theme "Using information technology for sustainable livelihoods in Nguruman" kicked off at around 10.00 am where stakeholders had enough time to explain to community members the efforts they are putting to incorporate information technology to improve community's  livelihoods.
Guest of honour inspecting AMREF stand during the open day.
The main stake holders who participated included; AMREF Kenya who were showcasing clean light that uses waste paper and used kitchen oil among other reproductive health matters, Entasopia health centre taught people matters on healthy nutrition practices.African Conservation Centre was also represented and informed participants matters concerning biodiversity conservation and people-wildlife conflict.
Agro-chemical companies like Osho and Sygenta also participated among community groups groups who displayed their products and explained their activities to participants. .
Area Chief Mr. Sereu receiving certificates from the chief guest on behalf of government officials. 
From the speeches made by the days speakers, it  was evident that the Maarifa centre has had a great role in sharpening skills  for Nguruman ICT gurus  . Mr. kasifu,  the advisory commitee chair  had this to say; "I had no idea on how to operate a computer..., I can now type and send my documents via e-mail. I have been  table to participate in business management training course at USIU university through application I made at the Maarifa centre".Chief Sereu had also his side to tell... "I have been able to update my GHRIS details and also as an administration student at Kenyatta university, I have been able to download  exams as well as sending my assignments at the Maarifa centre..., Thanks to ALIN for the facility."

Mr. Anthony Mugo, deputy Director at ALIN assured commuity members that, ALIN will do all it can to ensure that all services offered to them are timely and dress their daily challenges and information needs.

The guest of honour Mr. Henry Siro in his speech made it clear that its governments interest that every Kenyan citizen becomes ICT compliant and that, in the near future for one to get employment, He/she will be required to be having International computer driving licence (ICDL).  
Some Students displaying their certificates after the graduation ceremony.
The guest of honour issued certificates of participation to 62 graduates who had completed their training.

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