Thursday, July 26, 2012

New technology for KCPE cadidates

Candidates from Entasopia primary visited Nguruman Maarifa Centre on Saturday 21st July, 2012 to get a first touch on computers.
Their class teacher, Mrs. Beatrice said, she taught a lesson on communication techniques on Friday and she mentioned our Maarifa to be an available source of ICT services. It’s from that point that the students requested the teacher to plan a visit to Nguruman Maarifa Center to learn on the use of Computers for Communication.

‘Although the candidates schedule is tight for they are preparing for their national exams, they requested me to plan a visit to the centre for them during lunch hour when they finish Saturday revision’ Said the class teacher.

  Entasopia Primary school Students viewing Maarifa centre blog.
Computers was the main interest having a number of reasons as they mentioned access to information, means of communication, social networking and entertainment as the key motivational points.
Mrs. Beatrice Nyambura completed her computer training along with other eight teachers in July 2012 at the maarifa centre. They were trained in introduction to computers, Microsoft Word 2007, Microsoft Excel 2007, Microsoft PowerPoint and internet.
The teacher said it would be good to start cultivating the students’ interest early. Kelvin Koinet, ICT trainer at the Maarifa centre, took them through a preview of computers whereby they got to grasp a few but valued skills on computer operation. The students learnt about types of computers, parts, booting and entering web addresses to search for information in the net.
They got a chance to operate a computer for the first time where they viewed the centre’s blog and were also taught how to shut down the machine.
Students and their teacher posing for a photo outside the Maarifa centre expressing their excitement.
It was a short visit that made the students come back to the maarifa centre after school and have more time to enjoy the services. They even decided to join the computer classes when they complete  their national exams and before they join high school.

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