Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Olkiramatian Open day

Nguruman maarifa centre visited traders at the Olkiramatian market during a field visit intended at reaching those people who cannot access the services at the Maarifa center. The market day that is held on Wednesday every week is the main meeting point of traders and customers around the location and beyond.
Traders arrive at OLkiramatian market
The open day was done in collaboration with African Conservation centre which promotes environmental conservation in the area and React Africa Company who promotes renewable energy forms like Energy saving jikos and solar panels and solar chargeable lights.

Community members recording their enquiries to Kelvin, Lorene & Joe 
The visit was a good platform for community members to share their knowledge and record enquiries on information they may want during our next visit. They were also informed on services offered at the Maarifa centre and to many, distance was the barrier. It was also an opportunity to publicize the Maarifa centre and its activities. 

Members of the Maarifa centre offered a number of services to the traders on location at the market. The services included; internet services, library services, video show and addressing general inquiries and consultations. Information materials like Joto Africa and Baobab magazines were also distributed for free to the residents.

A Community member reading through joto Africa issue 7 on the future of pastoralism in changing climate which caught attention of many readers
One of the services that raised the most interest was computer training which most of the parents were interested in either joining or bringing their children after they completed their A levels. As a result of the visit, three parents have brought their daughters to the Maarifa centre for computer training..., "I saw this as a good opportunity to have my daughter trained for free that going to town and pay for the same packages. I will use the money I intended to pay her computer course to pay school fees for her brothers and sisters..." said Patrick Parseiyo, one of the parents.

Community members viewing a video on Boran cattle breed.
Regular users of the maarifa centre hailed the field visit commending that the visit will enable those people who cannot access the Nguruman centre to access these services that are otherwise inaccessible to them. We recorded over 100 visitors and 24 enquiries.

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