Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Nguruman maarifa centre gets a new look

Nguruman maarifa center received a well fabricated container and another separate structure to be use as the library to enable more community members access free library and internet services among other services offered at the maarifa centre. The structures were also equipped with state of art equipments and this has enabled efficient services and usage by the community members.
This came along as free ICDL training was on progress and community members were very impressed by ALIN's initiatives and enabling equitable access to information for all community members.

"I'm impressed by the move to equip the maarifa centre with modern technology equipments. As much as we may be far from the city and other developed areas we feel that ALIN has really connected us with the outside world..." said Mr mathu, an Agricultural extension officer who uses the centre to send his monthly and quarterly reports. " I'm able to send my reports on time and even earlier than people who are in town" he added.

The centre moved to a new location, i.e. Magadi division Ministry of Agriculture grounds at Entasopia market and this will enable us to reach out to more farmers who are our primary target as a way of improving their livelihoods through delivery of timely information.

The ongoing ICDL training has had a positive impact to the youths who are even empowered to volunteer their services to train other youths who have the passion to be techno survy.. "I feel empowered and I am ready to train others. Its my first time and I'm confident I will make it in life..." said Lourine Maingi, a beneficiary of the training.

The maarifa centre is recording the highest number of users daily since it was established way back in 2005.

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