Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Oldest computer trainee

For a long time Mr. Stephen Kamau has been a regular maarifa centre user. Now 60 years old, Mr. Kamau has always grown interest to be computer literate but his daily chores never allowed him to. "I have been trying hard to gain computer skills, but it has not been easy for me since I have a lot to do in my farm". His farm located a few kilometers from the maarifa centre has various types of crops including; Maize, beans, tomatoes and fruits like papaws and bananas.

Making the right decision
When Mr. kamau got the information about the computer training, he had to make the right choice, either to be left out or register for the training. "When I saw the advert about free computer training, I decided to register for it and gain the skills I have been yearning to have".

When asked how he feels about the training, this is what he had to say...
"I had never touched a computer in my life time... I can now boot a computer and perform some tasks on my own... Thanks to ALIN for this opportunity".

A message to the youth
when asked his advice to young generation, this is what he said...
"I wish the young people could know the opportunity they have... During our times, such opportunities were history".

He always advises young people to take up such opportunities to develop themselves.
"If this training opportunity could come during our times, we could be far much better than we are... Now that the world is advancing in technology, the youth should be in the front line to embrace this change".
Mr. Kamau likes reading magazines and books and his main interest is poultry farming.
“I would like to use the acquired skills to learn more about poultry farming from online materials and the secret behind the success of the enterprise in other regions”. Said Mr kamau when asked how he will apply the acquired skills.

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