Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Free computer literacy for Nguruman residents

Nguruman residents begun their new year with smiles on their faces as they actively registered themselves for the long awaited computer training classes. community members showed different reactions regarding response to the call.

"I was surprised to see so many people registering for the training....," said Kelvin Koinet, a training consultant at the Maarifa centre.

"Its so encouraging to see people thirsting for knowledge.." aded Mr. Kasifu,a community member and chairman to the advisory commitee.

Community members from all categories registered for the training including; chiefs, teachers, pupils, farmers and youth especially form four leavers. 84 community members registered for the training and the numbers are expected to go up since the training will be ongoing.

Sofar, more than 60 people have begun the training and all is well according to Mr kennedy, who is the trainer. "I have had no problems with the students. They are all anxious and have shown willingness to learn."

New computers
The center was also equipped with the state of the art equipments, the latest computer model, 'inveneo' courtesy of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation 'Access to learning Award', a prestigious and highly competitive award which ALIN was declared the 2011 winner in recognition of the organisation's work in using ICT's to empower arid lands commuities by locating maarifa (knowledge) centres in remote arid lands across East Africa and providing free access to information resources, including the internet and library resources.

The training is offered for Free and to all willing community menbers.

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