Saturday, September 24, 2011

Changing lives through delivery of timely information

Nguruman maarifa centre has been an information hub for communities living around since its establishment in 2006.
Being the only center connected to internet around this place, its rich source of information has encouraged many community members around this area to venture into sustainable livelihood activities like mixed farming and tapping renewable energy sources like Biogas energy. Farmers have no fears to venture in to these avenues since they are sure they will get the right information from the maarifa center.

The information delivered is repackaged to suit the target audience and in the form that they can understand. For Example, if a farmer doesn't know how to read, the center has information in form of DVDs which are show to the farmers as per their information need.

The youth have also a stake of the center since they are able to apply for online jobs, register for colleges and visit social sites like twitter and facebook. Some also have learn about blogging and are now having their blogs where they are able to market Nguruman through private businesses, (

Nguruman maarifa centre has also featured in the media which is appreciating the work ALIN is doing in changing peoples lives through delivering information at its Maarifa centers within kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

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