Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Nguruman Maarifa Centre has taken up a new look with the introduction of three laptops and modern office furniture that suits the needs of the users. The furniture brings an aesthetic appeal and above all is easy and friendly to the users. The introduction of the three laptops has seen the centre increasing the number of computers to five this has enabled the users to get maximum use of the computers and sharpen their ICT skills.
Inside the centre, one is welcomed with a modern book shelve which has a capacity of more than 5000 books. The centre is rich in resourceful books and weekly newspaper newspapers despite the poor communication access between Nguruman and Nairobi. The seating space is adequate, nice plastic chairs and a study table make the reading area complete.
The community members could not hide their joy and they had this to say:-

David Ntumuna “…Wow the centre looks so perfect I now feel proud to be associated with the Maarifa centre I admire the brown wooden shelves they look nice”

Naomi Tongei “I can now see a great improvement at the centre am happy that even my fellow girls are now streaming at the centre to get familiar with what goes on here”

Leonard Ndungu” …The laptops are very effective because they are not consuming a lot of power and that means I can use them from morning till evening, the books are quite resourceful kudos ALIN”

Neema John “I am happy that the centre looks like a cyber cafĂ© in Nairobi, neat chairs and a lot of laptops this is excellent"

Julius Kasifu”….Let’s now lay down strategies that will see our community benefit from the centre, it now looks appealing and I am happy that the young users have started flocking the centre to learn more on ICT”

James Mathu...” We have achieved a great step, and its not time to relax lets roll our sleeve and finish the final lap by ensuring that the younger generation in Nguruman village becomes computer literate this will help in future"

Francis Mburu “The centre looks wonderful, I feel like spending the whole day here there is a learning atmosphere”

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  1. Dear Steve,
    The Maarifa centre looks great! Am sure the community members will appreciate the new resources including books and videos. Am looking forward to visit Nguruman in the near future and read my new novel from there! Just coz of the serenity of the area. Keep it up!

    Susan Mwangi