Wednesday, June 23, 2010

More Technology for a local chief!

Mr. Elijah Sereu an area chief in Entasopia, a village that is among the top ten tech remotes village has dedicated all his efforts in a bid to become ICT enlightened, with the help of a Community Knowledge Centre, based in his village he has been able to grasp a lot in terms of ICTs. He first purchased a mini-laptop which according to him did not meet his technical needs appropriately. He has gone an extra mile of buying a high tech laptop worth 900$ US dollars which he calls “all under one roof” meaning he can do all that he has been dreaming to do from taking photographs, videos, editing them and sending to friends to watching live TV news bulletin on his laptop. He can also download movies, music and store in his laptop, the laptop also assist him take down notes during administrative meetings.Mr. Elijah does conduct trainings to other chiefs on climate change using the notes and presentation that he has stored in his laptop.

Above all Mr. Elijah says he is a no more bored and dull man since he started playing computer games, many are the times he absconds his duties so as to play this games which he fears he might become an addict. Nguruman Community Knowledge Centre is fully supporting the area chief in a bid to transform his life positively…….

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