Tuesday, December 1, 2009

VSAT Technology lands in Entasopia village

Alin team pulling resources for the new VSAT

In November, 2008 a VSAT was installed in the center to enhance internet services. The exercise was carried out by students from Michigan University’s Imagine Africa in USA in collaboration with , ALIN.
The VSAT started operating on the 26th November 2008 after the technical work was done by David Musila, from KDN, Raphael Marambii of ALIN and Dennis Mutwiri of Baobab Communications.

Services sought
The following services are sought since the installations of VSAT at Nguruman.They include:
• Training on the Internet: Youths and Adults have been flocking at the center to get training on internet,web-2 tools,online social networking tools and applications.
• Sending and reading mails: Government officials, Development Workers, visitors and students get in touch to the outside world by sending and receiving emails everyday.In fact almost every community member holds an email accounts.
• US Visa Applications: We receive visitors who book for their Visa interview online at the center. We have so far assisted two users book their Visa appointments online.
• E-Government services: Members of the community use the center to download vital documents like PIN registration forms, University application forms the center also assists the community members apply for green card.
• Reading online newspapers and journals, the center assists the users get latest information on health, agriculture, HIV, Gender issues and the current affairs.This helps them be enlightened since no newspaper reaches the village.
• Entasopia village is only served by two televisions sets and they are located in public places where people pay a fee of ksh 10/- to watch news or a movie, film. Most people cannot afford this fee daily thus they visit the center to watch short clips of music videos, news bulletin via you tube and blip TV.
• Scholarships and Job Applications. This is done by both the jobless and those employed looking for greener pastures and students looking for scholarships to further education.
• We have a range of professionals including teachers and other practitioners who are doing research for various projects. These also include people doing various development projects and are searching for funds and donors.
• Chatting with friends and family through social network sites
• Creating blogs and Web albums for saving their pictures especially on Picasa
• Searching information concerning agriculture, livestock and various livelihood information including market and prices.

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